FIP and IAI will bring the "Pharmacy Optimising Primary Health Care Through Digital Technology" into Bali Commitment this Year
Tuesday, Feb 25 2020 at 07:05 PM

Jakarta, Feb 21st, 2020 - As previously reported on this website, the 2020 Indonesian Pharmacists Association Annual Scientific Meeting, will be held in conjunction with the South East Asia and Asia Pacific Region FIP Regional Conference. The event will be held on 1-3 April, in Bali, Indonesia. What is FIP? And how is the regional conference will be arranged? Let's find out more!

The International Pharmaceutical Federation (FIP) is the global body representing pharmacy, pharmaceutical sciences and pharmaceutical education. Founded in 1912, FIP is a non-governmental organization with its head office in the Netherlands. Through its 151 national organizations, academic institutional members and individual members, FIP represents over four million pharmacists, pharmaceutical scientists and pharmaceutical educators around the world, works to support the development of the pharmacy profession.

FIP is continuing its efforts to strengthen pharmacists’ position as a primary healthcare provider globally. In addition to the annual World Congress and other international meetings, previously the FIP had successfully held FIP Regional Conference activities for the Middle East and Europe in order to support the implementation of the 2018 Astana Declaration, which was endorsed by WHO to optimize the role of primary health care facilities in equitable access to health. FIP would like to invite Pharmacist organizations in various countries to collaborate and actively participate in the movement.


On earlier April this year, FIP will collaborate with the Indonesian Pharmacists Association to hold a third regional conference for the Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific region, in Bali, Indonesia. For this event, both organizations have agreed to pick the theme on "Achieving Health for All: Pharmacy Optimising Primary Health Care Through Digital Technology"

"In just over a month, together with our member organization, the Indonesian Pharmacists Association, we will hold our third regional conference. This conference will be focusing on optimising primary health care through digital technology, in Bali, Indonesia, " said Catherine Duggan, CEO of the FIP.

She told that digitalized health is a critical enabler of universal health coverage that health professions and our health systems and governments must fully embrace. The potential of these technologies is especially promising in South East Asian region.

"We will explore the opportunities and the roles for pharmacy in optimising solutions. The lessons learned will be valuable not only for the region, but also globally," she continued.

FIP have put together a conference program that is highly focused on learning and networking, including presentations from acclaimed international speakers, culminating in it’s 3rd regional commitment to Primary Health Care!

At this event, there will be a Bali Commitment to Action on Primary Health Care as a form of statement of support for Pharmacists in the Southeast Asia and Asia Pacific region for the 2018 Astana Declaration. For more information on this regional conference, could be directly accessed on the official website:

Let's gather together to serve more on primary health care.

Save your seat now. See you in Bali!

For more information on this regional conference, please directly access to the official website:


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